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Slyck by Keith hair products were specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of black hair types.
These products were carefully formulated to provide nourishment, moisture, and hydration to maintain the health and strength of black hair.
One crucial aspect of Slyck by Keith is its ability to retain moisture. Natural hair tends to be more susceptible to dryness, our products help lock in moisture and for that, they are highly valued.

Fulfill your goals,
fast Beard Care

Beard oil and beard balm are two popular grooming products for men with facial hair. Both products help to nourish and condition the beard, promoting healthy growth and making it more manageable. You call it facial hair we call it awesomeness.

  • Beard Oil

    Our slyck Beard oil is a lightweight liquid made from a combination of natural oils such as(such as jojoba, argan and tea tree oil Unleash the force of Slycks Premium Beard Oil, hand-crafted to get you that soft, luscious beard that turns heads.
    • Fuels your beard's growth from the roots
    • Stops beard itch and dandruff
    • Gives your beard a healthy and lush look
  • Beard balm

    Slyck Beard balm is a thicker, semi-solid product that contains a blend of natural butters ( beeswax, cocoa butter,) along Slycks beard balm works as a leave-in conditioner, which will moisturize and condition, Our Beard Balm contains moisturizing shea butter, sunflower oil to help condition and boost growth, and beeswax, which helps seal in moisture.
  • Beard Groom Set

    Both our slyck beard oil and beard balm are beneficial for beard grooming, and you can choose to use one or both depending


In 2022, Slyck by Keith was founded and established by Keith Williams. Following his work in the American television and film industry, it was challenging for Keith, locating adequately trained hairstylist that could properly accommodate his hair texture as an Afro-American, and the essential hair care products to healthily treat and style his hair. Keith then began styling and caring for his own hair, combining natural organic and herbal ingredients found in his kitchen and home garden to create Slyck haircare products. Slyck is guaranteed to define and enhance the appearance, touch and health of any hair type in its natural and/or chemically treated state. Slyck will debut a new era and standard of natural hair care, and after its use you too will look and feel like a star.

Our Products

Introducing our hair products, specially designed to nourish, strengthen and beautify your hair. Our range of hair products is made with natural ingredients, carefully selected to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to be healthy, shiny and strong.

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